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[\\b]elthesar's MAGFest 13 special release is a chiptune-infused nod to two classic dance tracks and guest vocals by everyone's favorite mutant living tank.

So who is this guy?

Music Producer

[\\b]elthesar is a music producer entrenched in the video game and chiptune music scenes. His lifelong love for games, and the bleeps and bloops that make up their scores have enriched and influenced his music.


[\\b] is also a member of his local makerspace, which he helped found. He's currently working on a neat performance controller concept that leverages the Leap Motion 3D controller.

Data Engineer

Data-what? If this sounds interesting, maybe you should saunter on over to his resume page.

Where can I find [\\b] and friends?

Check out below for links to social media and other artists.


This is both a personal and music account. You'll probably read about technical stuff that I do outside of music here too.

Personal Blog

This is my personal blog, where I talk about my day job, my night job, my weekend job, and sometimes cheese.


Game music, leveled up! Most of my music producer friends release on this awesome indie label.

Chiptunes = Win

An indie label that specializes in releasing highly curated volumes of chiptunes. Haven't had a release on there yet, but I love the crap out of these folks.
Chiptunes = Win

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